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Does the screw point glue and the NYLOK SCREW the same?


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Does the screw point glue and the NYLOK SCREW the same?

Firstly , Do you know what is the NYLOK SCREW?

NYLOK SCREW, also known as screws agent or anaerobic adhesive, is mainly used in electrical, electronic, aviation, machine, automobile industry, resistance to fall with the “intimacy” performance of the screw where all screw will see it.


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In fact, the screw point glue and the NYLOK SCREW the meaning is the same, just called different.?It USES special engineering resin to adhere to the screw tooth for a long time, so that the screws and nuts can be compressed during the locking process to achieve the resistance to shock and impact, and prevent the screws from loosening.Nylock screw , Nylok screw manufacturers

Working principle of NYLOK SCREW :

Is on the screw tooth processing special engineering plastic, can make the screw nut, in the process of locking for engineering plastic be pressed to produce powerful friction torque and reaction force, contact the pitch, provide absolute resistance to vibration, drop of general screw into a permanent strong resistance to screw, completely solve the problem of screw loosening.


1.Function of anti-loosening .
3.Non slack adjustment function.
4.Not afraid of gasoline, oil, butter, solvent.
5.Light weight ,not rusty.
6.Preeminent of operationality
7.Suitable for all kinds of screw parts.

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