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270mm pozi pan head self tapping screws can be customized?


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270mm pozi pan head self tapping screws can be customized?

Yesterday, Shi Shi Tong received an inquiry from an American customer, Mr. Smith. Their company’s new research and development of the machine needs 270mm pozi pan head self tapping screws, many screw manufacturers have adopted the method of welding, it is easy to break. So he has not found a suitable screw manufacturer to produce.

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Later, he heard a friend say that Stone can make such a long screw, and it can be integrated. Mr. Smith contacted the customer service from The Internet and confirmed that we could produce 270mm pozi pan head self tapping screws ,He was very happy. After that, he sent us the drawings of the screws. We quoted and arranged production according to the drawings he sent us.

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Shenzhen Shi Shi Tong Metal Products Co., Ltd. can customize the length of screws according to customer requirements, you only need to tell us the length of screws you want. If you also want to custom pozi pan head self tapping screws,Please feel free to contact


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