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Can the black surface of the m6 long screw be customized? Shi Shi Tong long screw manufacturers


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Can the black surface of the m6 long screw be customized? Shi Shi Tong long screw manufacturers

In the first half of the year, Mr. Jin from Changzhou, Jiangsu found Shi Shi Tong extra long screw manufacturer through the Internet, saw the products made by Shi Shi Tong on the Internet, and felt that Shi Shi Tong should be able to solve his problem of customizing m6 long screw, so he called Ask Ms. Song if she can customize the long screws he requested.

m6 long screw

According to Mr. Jin’s description and the drawings sent via WeChat, Ms. Song told Mr. Jin that it can be customized, because Shi Shi Tong is custom-made screws. Mr. Jin requested that the length of this m6 long screw be 220mm, the large rod and half thread, the head be made of ISO7380TX, and the surface be black. Mr. Jin said that he asked another factory to make it for him before, but the product he received was bent, and there was no way to use it, and he was ignored when he returned to the manufacturer, which made him very angry.


Generally, long screws are bent, either because the wires were not straightened during manufacture, or the bending was caused by transportation or surface treatment, and there was no further processing in the follow-up. However, Shi Shi Tong has made long screws of similar specifications to Mr. Jin many times and has rich experience. From wire material, production, surface, to subsequent shipment, every process can guarantee a certain yield rate.

m6 long screw

When Mr. Jin received the first batch of orders, he asked the people in the warehouse to check and confirm that they were usable. After the production line was tested, he placed a second order in December.


If you also need to customize m6 long screw or other types of screws, please contact Shi Shi Tong screw manufacturer, Shi Shi Tong specializes in customizing various types of non-standard special-shaped screws. Serving every customer well and solving every customer screw customization problem is our pursuit!

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