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Can socket long machine screws be made into steps?


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Can socket long machine screws be made into steps?

Mr. Li wants to order a long screw with a plum blossom in the M6*205 cup head, and he hopes to make a stepped screw with glue on the tail. I found a few screw manufacturers and said that they could not make such socket long machine screws, and step screws could not be made. Later, Mr. Li found the Shi Shi Tong screw manufacturer and asked if we could do it.

socket long machine screws

This socket long machine screws of Mr. Li can be produced by Shi Shi Tong screw manufacturers. According to Mr. Li’s requirements, there are several ways to produce this screw: one is clamping production, but the screw produced in this way will have a clamping line under the head, this clamping line will basically not affect the assembly; the second is clamping and car processing cooperate with production; three are multi-station production.

long screw

The Shi Shi Tong screw manufacturer told Mr. Li about the advantages and disadvantages of these three production methods and suggested that Mr. Li use clamping molds for production because this production method can reduce costs. After consideration, Mr. Li asked us to produce for him through multi-station, because Mr. Li felt that the shape of the socket long machine screws produced by this production method was in line with his requirements, and it was more economical compared with the turning process.