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Can aluminium self tapping screws be hardened?


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Can aluminium self tapping screws be hardened?

Some time ago, a customer reported that the aluminium self tapping screws provided before was broken during use. He asked us why and whether it can be solved?


According to the samples in stock, after we tested the screw, the normal torque would not break the screw, so Ms. Xu asked the customer how much torque was used. According to the torque value provided by the customer and the video, we know that this is not hard enough, and the customer uses more than If the normal aluminum material itself can bear the torque, the screw will break. To solve this problem, either harden the screw or replace it with a harder material.

aluminium self tapping screws

If the aluminum torx screw is hardened, the surface of the screw will become blacker and will not have the color of the aluminum screw itself; if it is to replace the aluminum material with higher hardness, it must be made of 7075, but this brand The minimum order quantity of aluminum material is very high, and the current customer’s usage cannot be ordered, or the 6061 aluminum wire is also heat-treated during production, so there is no need to harden the screw after production, but this kind of The minimum order quantity cannot be ordered according to the customer’s usage; or the material is changed to carbon steel or stainless steel, which is harder than the existing aluminum material.

aluminium self tapping screws

When communicating with the customer, the customer said that they are not sure about the follow-up quantity at present, and because of their performance reasons, they cannot replace it with other materials, so they need to harden the aluminium self tapping screws, the surface is a little black, they can do it Accepted because they are not used on exterior parts.


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