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Why do fastenal stainless steel screws break their heads?


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Why do fastenal stainless steel screws break their heads?

Some time ago, a customer found Shi Shi Tong on the Internet, added Ms. Song’s WeChat, and sent a picture of a broken screw through WeChat, asking Ms. Song if she knew the reason why the fastenal stainless steel screws were broken?

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Just from the pictures, the reason why the customer’s original fastenal stainless steel screws broke may be because the groove is too deep or the torque is too large. Ms. Song asked the customer if there was a drawing of the original design of the screw, and how much torque was used to tighten the screw.


The customer provided the original drawing and said that the torque they used was not very large, almost 6N.m, which was in line with the torque of 1/4 of the thread diameter marked in the customer’s drawing. After reading the customer’s drawings, Ms. Song confirmed that the head of the stainless steel American screw was too thin, the groove was made very deep, and the thread was rubbed to the top when rubbing the teeth, and the distance between the groove and the two sides was very small. Recently, basically, it cannot withstand a lot of force, otherwise, it will appear like the screw in the picture that the customer just started sending.

fastenal stainless steel screws

In this case, either thicken the head and make the groove not so deep, or make an R-angle support under the head, and the thread does not rub to the top.


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